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Name the famous "Yorkshire" cricketers
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The greatest

Once a skipper

Clue in the sweater trim

One of the greatest

In his home town colours

Skittled out Tong once!



Clue in the hat badge

Cryptic Tongites
Can you recognise these present and old Tong players from the clues? Hint - use Google!
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  1. Shares his name with the Artistic director at Ballet Theatre Munich up to 2006
  2. Lead vocals in Don’t Shoot The Messenger
  3. Famous for his Cumberland sausages
  4. A Liverpudlian photographer who’s also sailed for Britain
  5. Famous for riggings in the entertainment business
  6. A retired professional baseball player who pitched in the Major Leagues from 1990-2003
  7. A steel trawler built in 1919 originally named after a Knight Admiral and renamed ‘Firman’ in 1950
  8. Author of “The Starting Block”
  9. A character from Trollope’s “Framley Parsonage”
  10. A Member of the Catskill Cajun Band
  11. Composer who jointly wrote on The Ink Spots “Swing High, Swing Low’ album
  12. Archaeologist on the Archbishop of York’s Battersea mansion
  13. Shares his name with the Titular Bishop of Sebastopolis in Armenia (1935-1946)
  14. And finally an actual Tongite - Went to the same school as Steve Borthwick (Bath & England) and Philip Bretherton (actor/Casualty). Had the nickname Dipper at school – I’ll try find out why!

Spot the famous Tongite

Robert McCutcheon - front row fourth from left