What's happening with the Tongites in the Land of Oz?

An email from Darryl ......

Hard to believe its been 14 years this April since the Aussie invasion of the 1990 summer. We all have great memories of cricket, the Greyhound, the drinking and the endless nights of celebrating. It was great to see Leath out here last winter, no doubt he has filled you in on his trip down under. We caught up on what had been happening to our respective families, our dwindling cricket careers and of course what had been going on in the Greyhound.

Sandy and I have two girls, Molly 12 and Abby 9, both are keen to get to Yorkshire and meet the people we talk about all the time. With long service coming up a trip is on the cards. I am still playing cricket and have been at Bayswater CC for 13 years. A great club!! The girls come and watch every weekend and seem to have a good time.

Nipper ( Neil Pendrey ) is also at BCC, Nip is still single much like his idol Bob Mc Cutcheon and still trying to find the woman for him. His drinking is still a high priority but he has worked on not drink driving for the past 10 years. Nipper is also very keen to get back to Tong.

Lenny McKeown ( Farsley tosser) has given the game away in an effort to become a millionaire. He works most weekends chopping down trees for cash, the rest of the time he spends avoiding the tax man. Len would be happy to get back to Yorkshire as long as someone pays his fare. Maybe Sharon Gott will come up with the cash??????

Darryl is second from the left on the back row and Nipper fourth from the left in this picture of the winning Worthington Trophy side of 1990. Anyone seen the video by the way?

Marty Rankin or Weed as we knew him was the only one of us that officially was a Tong player. That was because his form was so crap for Gildersome that they didn't want him. Weed soon found himself the toast of the Greyhound as his form came flooding back. Weedy now plays a bit of veterans cricket and spends the rest of his time looking after his three kids.

Most of us keep in touch with the odd phone call but generally through Billy's website. Bill remember to keep it up-to-date mate. !4 year of beating crappy England teams in hollow ashes victories has left Warnie so bored he turned to drugs. Hopefully you will be competitive this series.

Notice I haven't mentioned that boring Rugby tournament that we had last year in Oz!!!!

Anyway goodbye for now. Hope to have some pictures for next time.

Darryl Stranger

and from Duncan .......

Nick, Duncan and Mark looking their best!

(exactly as he wrote it!)

well ive just finished work it 1 in the afternoon and i just thourght i wou;ld let you all know its 38C and getting warmer by the second, think i will go to the beach and sunbath while having a beer and a icecream i imagine its red hot back home too so you wont be pissed off when reading this email.......................he he !
working every day i can had two days off in three weeks but its good money!
any way got to go to the beach will speak to all soon