'Yorkshire Cricket Centre - Evening League 6-A-Side Comp' at Headingley

Wednesday 26th November

Tongans 59 for 6
Leeds Met "A" 61 for 1

A night of run outs with a magnificent, long and lonely last man stand from John Dey.

John was out on the last ball hitting out, having taken the score from the twenties to 59 against some difficult bowling which made full use of the indoor wicket.

Gareth was run out early without contributing on a call that he barely made it half way down. Horners, unsure playing in his first indoor, having just grasped the batting tactics followed in similar style as Leeds Met got lucky bounces off the net wall and Clint followed after scoring a steady 10. Nick was also run out, as a run that was certain slipped away with a lucky bounce. A desperate sprint for the last 10 ended, unable to stop by crashing through the net. Steve was bowled by a lovely rising ball which dropped over the bat on to the stumps.

With a score in the twenties, John, batting at 5, under the last man stands rule took the bat with Steve as his runner. Classic strokes picked off safe singles against the net wall with careful running but confusing calls with "Yes No" and "No Yes" which took the total to a defendable 59 with John having scored about 35.

Leeds Met were not troubled in losing wickets but struggled to pick up runs for the first 5 overs. They were only just keeping in front of the run rate with good bowling and fielding which stopped them running by giving only singles away on the net wall. Leeds Met were not playing the indoor game, trying to smash it to the back and getting stopped without scoring and were dropped/missed several times.

Leeds Met Opener retired and Gareth finally took a catch with those "safe as a Volvo" Hands (having played like a pre VW era Skoda). But the new batsmen played the indoor game and scored quickly with well placed tip and run. With the match all but lost with Leeds Met on 51 with 4 overs to go Gareth opted not to bowl his over. Nick was delegated to bowl and tried to repeat his first over with some tight bowling on the leg side which unfortunately this time got penalised as a wide, as negative bowling. A well hit 4 between the bowler and Gareth at Mid on / Wicket sealed the match.

Dave Horners had a solid performance in his first indoor match being very "IDS" as the quiet man with "John Major" concentration as he grasped the tactics and style of play (and disappointed at not having time to read his Telegraph before batting). Clint safe keeping hands gave no byes away except wides so wide that would have counted as a two.

Having an extra man turn up on the night, Dave Barrett elected to umpire (keeping his unbeaten bat) but was only troubled with the decision of Nick's run out by a foot before retiring to the Bar.

Clint Merrington
Nick Dee
Jon Dey
Steve Tankard
Gareth Bottomley
Dave Hornby

Umpire Dave Barrett

Wednesday 29th October
'Yorkshire Cricket Centre - Evening League 6-A-Side Comp' at Headingley

Tongans v Tong

Tong 77 for 3
Tongans 77 for 2
Tongans win losing less wickets.
Man of the match would have to be Nick Sowerby
1 catch 2 run outs 1 maiden over and 21 not out with the bat.

Wednesday 15th October
'Yorkshire Cricket Centre - Evening League 6-A-Side Comp' at Headingley

1st games took place last night and everyone really enjoyed it !
It's very different and a lot of fun, there is a bar so support would be welcome.

Tongans v Featherstone Town

Tongans 51-5
Featherstone Town 51-4* Subject to confirmation from Y.C.C

Featherstone took the spoils by losing less wickets. However, controversy reigned as Featherstone appeared to award themselves 5 runs during the last over when the maximum available was 4 !

Star performers were Steve Tankard batting solidly until out late on the innings, and Chris Horsley keeping wicket and looking like he'd done the job for years, Dave Barratt contributed well with the ball late on to tie Featherstone down. However, all 6 performed admirably for what was the first indoor game for most if not all playing.

Nick Dee
Jon Dey
Steve Tankard
Raj Sivaswamy
Dave Barratt
Chris Horsley

Tong v Cookridge

Tong 72 All Out
Cookridge 73 - 1

Deja Vu for Tong as Cookridge sneak improbable victory with a last ball victory. A solid top order display from Damian Farr and Andy Allan saw Tong 37-0 after 4 overs, but disaster struck with a mid order collapse, only for the tail to wag with new South African star Clint Merrington batting alone for a solid 16. Johan Celliers performed admirably with the ball as did James Dey, but all was sadly in vain.

Damian Farr
Andy Allan
Clint Merrington
Johan Celliers
James Dey
Vijay Pujar