Results 2001
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1st Xl


21st April (Sat)

Walton (h) Won by 6 wkts

Graziers (a) Postponed

28th April (Sat)

Denby Grange (a) Postponed

Pledwick (h) Postponed

5th May (Sat)

Swillington (h) Won by 2 wkts

Swillington (a) Won by 8 wkts

12th May (Sat)

Leeds Police (a) Lost by 9 wkts

Fairburn (h) Won by 8 wkts

19th May (Sat)

Redfearns NG (h) Won by 6 wkts

Nostell (a) Lost by 6 runs

20th May (Sun)

Redfearns NG (a) CUP Lost by 6 wkts


26th May (Sat)

Garforth (a) Won by 8 wkts

28th May (Mon)


Newton Hill (a) Lost by 82 runs

2nd June (Sat)

Chickenley (h) Lost by 31 runs

Walton (a) Won by 6 wkts

3rd June (Sun)

Fairburn (a) YACA Cup Won by 8 wkts

Leeds Police (h) CUP Lost by 10 wkts

9th June (Sat)

Howden Clough (a) Won by 5 wkts

Chickenley (h) Lost by 34 runs

16th June (Sat)

Highbury (h) Postponed

17th June (Sun) Adwick (a) YACA Cup Lost by 114 runs  

23rd June (Sat)

Rothwell (a) Won by 7 wkts

Rothwell (h) Won by 5 wkts

30th June (Sat)

Caribbean (h) Lost by 206 runs


7th July (Sat)


Graziers (h) Lost by 43 runs

8th July (Sun)

Walton (a) Won by 5 wkts


14th July (Sat)

Denby Grange (h) Won by 8 wkts

Pledwick (a) Lost by 57 runs

21st July (Sat)

Swillington (a) Won by 164 runs

Swillington (h) Won by 113 runs

28th July (Sat)

Leeds Police (h) Lost by 40 runs

29th July (Sun)   Fairburn (a) Lost by 9 wkts

4th August (Sat)

Redfearns NG (a) Lost by 105 runs

Nostell (h) Won by 6 wkts

11th August (Sat)

Garforth (h) Won by 116 runs

18th August (Sat)

Chickenley (a) Won by 115 runs


19th August (Sun)


Walton (h) Won by 10 wkts

25th August (Sat)

Howden Clough (h) Won by 187 runs

Chickenley (a) Lost by 37 runs

1st September (Sat)

Highbury (a) Lost by 69 runs


8th September (Sat)

Rothwell (h) Lost by175 runs

Rothwell (a) Lost by 2 wickets

15th September (Sat)

Caribbean (a) Lost by143 runs

Newton Hill (h) Won by 5 wkts