Lowest Completed Innings Scores
All matches, Tong CC 24-Apr-2004 to 11-Sep-2004
# Team Club Date Opposition Ground Runs
1 Tong Tong CC 17-Jul-2004 Ferrybridge Ferrybridge 50-10
2 Tong Tong CC 28-Aug-2004 Pledwick A Pledwick 53-10
3 Tong Tong CC 03-Jul-2004 Highbury A Highbury 58-10
4 Tong Tong CC 09-May-2004 Fairburn Fairburn 61-10
5 Tong Tong CC 01-May-2004 Ferrybridge Tong CC 77-10
6 Tong Tong CC 24-Apr-2004 Newton Hill Newton Hill 81-10
7 Tong Tong CC 14-Aug-2004 Denby Grange A Denby Grange 95-10
8 Tong Tong CC 10-Jul-2004 Newton Hill Tong CC 124-10
9 Tong Tong CC 22-May-2004 Gawthorpe SM Slazengers 126-10
10 Tong Tong CC 11-Sep-2004 Pollington Tong CC 131-10
11 Tong Tong CC 05-Jun-2004 Horbury Bridge Horbury Bridge 140-10
12 Tong Tong CC 24-Jul-2004 Garforth PC A Tong CC 145-10
13 Tong Tong CC 31-Jul-2004 Redfearns NG Redfearns 152-10
14 Tong Tong CC 16-May-2004 Ferrybridge Tong CC 175-10

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